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Body Shape Guide

19 October 2011 by Marzie in Fashion, Homepage, Latest

How to dress for your body type.

Looking and feeling beautiful in clothes should be easy, but if you don’t know your body shape or what styles will be flattering, it can be hard. That’s why we have created an easy to understand “Body Shape Guide” for you. Remember these shapes are the basics and some girls can be mixtures of two different shapes so take on the tips that apply to you.

The shapes we’re focussing on are: Apple and Pear in this article but there are more.

Apple: Characteristics of this body shape are fuller busts with a little more width through the centre of your body and slim legs. Think of Kate Winslet's body shape. For apple girls the trick is to create more feminine shapes with clothing and accentuate those killer stems (lucky girls!)

Draw attention to slim arms, legs and décolletage and create a waist in your dress. An empire line dress that glides over your waist is a trick that celebs like Drew Barrymore use. Opt for bold prints rather than blocks of darker colour and keep the details at your arms and neck. Anything to make you appear smaller in the middle is important to creating a more balanced figure.

You can get away with shorter hems and sleeker styles that show off your gorgeous pins. A cute ¾ length sleeve also flatters arms and will balance your look and wrap around dresses are perfect for your shape.

Pear: Pear shaped girls (like Beyonce) classically have an awesome upper body and have naturally toned arms and back with a smaller bust. Pear girls also have wider hips and thighs compared to their upper body thus the reference of having a “pear” shape. This body shape needs some balance because it is fuller through the bottom, thighs and legs and not as broad through the top.

Creating Balance is easier than it sounds. V-necks or wide necklines will broaden your top half and give the illusion of a more even body shape. Flatter your top half with embellishments and strapless or strappy tops. Go for bright colours and silks –anything that will draw the eye up. Make the most of your tiny waist and emphasise it with dresses that cinch in at this area.

Stick with darker colours for your bottom half and avoid very thigh hugging styles. You want to elongate the leg to make it longer A dark flowing fabric will glide over any problem areas and won’t take attention away from the details you have up top.

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